Corinne Cleostrate


Head of Legal affairs and anti-fraud department of the French customs general directorate

Corinne CLEOSTRATE began her career in 1983, she held various positions in intelligence, controls, investigations and international cooperation. The fight against trafficking and organised crime, in particular counterfeits, had been in majority the common denominator of the functions she occupied. Indeed, Corinne CLEOSTRATE worked as Head of an investigation Unit of the National Customs Intelligence and Operational Directorate (DNRED), Customs Attaché for the French Embassy in Rome, DNRED Intelligence Director and Director of Customs supervision at Roissy-CDG and Le Bourget airports. In her various positions, Corinne CLEOSTRATE had to cooperate closely with copyright holders and their representative bodies. In 2017, she was appointed as Head of the DNRED, then she has been called upon to perform the duties of Head of Legal affairs and Anti-Fraud Department of the French Customs General Directorate. As part of her new responsabilities she leads the National Customs action plan dedicated to the fight against counterfeiting for the period 2021-2022 and the National Anti-Fraud Operational Group (GONAF) on the same topic.