Géraldine Guery-Jacques


IP and Patents Director

Géraldine Guery-Jacques is an engineer and a graduate of the INSA Lyon engineering school. Géraldine began working in the field of industrial property in 1998, at the INPI, as a patent examiner and as a technical advisor for the draft bill on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions. During that time, she also completed the CEIPI Patents programme (2000) and the CEIPI Trademarks programme (2002). After a few years at the INPI, she joined the industrial IP department of an international group specialising in medical devices, which allowed her to be involved in all aspects of IP within an international company and to become qualified as a European professional representative before the INPI and an EP patent litigator (master’s degree - DEA - in European patent litigation from the CEIPI). She stayed in the industrial sector and joined SEB, the world leader in small domestic appliances, in 2009, where she held the position of Expert Patent Engineer for six years. She then became Patents Director in charge of the SEB group’s patent-related activities, and is still in that role today. Géraldine belongs to many professional associations for industrial property. She is Chair of the Board of Directors of the French Association of IP Specialists (ASPI) and is a member of the INPI’s Board of Directors as representative of IP practitioners in business.